Liquidress special ed. light blue made to measure wetsuit



– Single piece wetsuit for men and women in standard sizes XS, S, M e L/XL, specially designed for indoor apnea activities 
– Sleeveless to facilitate vertical position during activity and guarantee improved hydrodynamics 
– Back Zip 
– Elastic finish on neck and arms 


Extra stretch Neoprene



Lined with extra stretch

Smooth, bonded with polyurethane 



To ensure proper measurements: Look first at the video tutorial; use a tape measure; get another person to assist you..

Video tutorial
Every field of the form below is associated with a brief video tutorial which explains how to take the required measurements.

If it is more convenient, you can download a pdf tutorial detailing all of the measurements and take notes on a separate sheet of paper to facilitate filling in the online form.

Download pdf.


Complete the table with all your measurements (in centimeters)

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