The perfect marriage of the sea and tailoring.

MolaMola is the new brand of the company TuttoSub, operating in the wetsuit sector since 1978 and producing high quality, hand made wetsuits made to measure for professional and sporting use.
Angelo De Laurentiis, passionate speargun fisherman, with his wife, Carmela, a professional tailor, set out to create a product without compromise, able to satisfy the requirements of those who feel at home in the sea.
The results over the years have been palpable: TuttoSub wetsuits are used by professional scuba divers across the country. The company has become supplier to the police force, to port authorities and to the athletes of the Italian national team.

Why choose MolaMola

– Only the best neoprene.
– Wide range of thickness: from 1 to 9 mm.
– Fitted wetsuits
– Personalisation of camouflage on smoothskin split-cell
– Accessories and details born of direct experience of diving at all depths
– Hood fitted around the forehead and chin.
– Attention to detail

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